AVA National Horse High Point Award


National and Regional Horse High Point awards are based strictly own the placings the vaulter achieves at an AVA recognized competition. The following guidelines apply to the Horse High Point awards; points are earned at all AVA recognized competitions and in recognized AVA divisions.


  • Vaulter must be an AVA member in good standing when points are earned
  • Horse must be registered with AVA when points are earned
  • Points may be earned with one or more vaulter in a multiple of AVA divisions

Recording points

  • Any points earned at an AVA recognized competition for the official AVA year will be used.
  • Points are awarded by number of vaulters in a class; ie Silver
    • compulsories round 1 – three vaulters in the class
      • 1st place horse will be awarded 3 points
      • 2nd place = 2
      • 3rd place = 1
  • Points are awarded up to 15 placings
  • Competition points can be viewed on the AVA website
  • Errors found in reporting of points can be sent to the Horse High Point secretary within 30 days of the competition


Horse High Point awards will be awarded at the AVA annual convention for the previous competition year.

Awards are:

  • AVA National Division Horse High Point
  • AVA Overall Region Horse High Point
  • AVA National Horse High Point – Perpetual Trophy

Please contact Julie Divita if you have any questions.

Horse High Point Award Winners

2022  Region I Hershey Club: The Soaring Vaulters Owner: Dan JavorsekRegion II Avon Club: Woodside Vaulters Owner: Woodside VaultersRegion III Jet Club: Harbor View Vaulters Owner: Lorilie RobisonRegion IV Xena Club: Mile-High Vaulters Owner: Jodi RinardRegion V Wade Club: Two Rivers Vaulting Owner: Amanda MarshallRegion IX Camelito Club: Great Falls Vaulters Owner: Great Falls VaultersRegion X Goliath Club: Fleur De Lis Vaulters Owner: Mikhail Proctor1* Copper Avon Club: Woodside Vaulters Owner: Woodside Vaulters1* C-Team Beau N Arrow Club: Muddy Creek Vaulters Owner: Trisha Bowman1* Trot Beyonce Club: Grass Roots Owner: Marston st John3* A-Team & 2* B-Team Clair De Lune WDM Oak Hills Vaulting Owner: Todd Griffiths2-Phase Open Dozer Club: Complete Equestrian Vaulters Owner: Nicole Collins2* Gold Fernando 675 Club: Centennial State Vaulters Owner: Jane Kopperl2* Silver & Open PDD Garth ISF Club: Mile-High Vaulters Owner: Mile-High Vaulters2-Phase Trot Gwyneth Rose NJY Complete Equestrian Vaulters Owner: Nicole RauTrot PDD Rosemary Club:Topaz Vaulters Owner: Topaz VaultersPrelim PPD Shelby Club: Mile-High Vaulters Owner: Jodi Rinard2-Phase Prelim Xena Club: Mile-High Vaulters Owner: Jodi Rinard1* Trot Team Yogibear N9B A Vaulting Connection / Therapeutic Horse Connection Owner: Karin Schmidt1* Bronze Zoe Club: Mile-High Vaulters Owner: Jodi Rinard3* Individual El Doctro Club: Pacific Coast Vaulters Owner: Emily RoseHorse of the Year Zoe Club: Mile-High Vaulters Owner: Jodi RinardOsierlea Award Benjamin’s Bright Idea Club: Topaz Vaulters Owner: Julie Hansen 2021Region I Oliver Money Owner: Tony/Cindy & Jaden/Giana MassaroRegion II Avon Club: Woodside Vaulters Owner: Woodside VaultersRegion III Indiana Jones Club: Harbor View Vaulters Owner: Lorilie RobisonRegion IV Xena Club: Mile-High Vaulters Owner: Jodi RinardRegion V Romeo Club: Summit EquestrianRegion IX & 2-Phase Open Best Brew Club: Triangle Equestrian Owner: Andrea SelchRegion X Hercules Club: Cedar LodgeA team Diva 506 Club: Pacific Coast VaultersC Team Shelby Club: Mile-High Vaulters Owner: Jodi RinardTrot Team Doc Holiday Club: Half Moon Bay Vaulters Owner: Jill Palmer2-Phase Prelim Canandian Kid Club: Ranch Vaulters Owner: Tereesa WentlandOpen PDD Cabo San Lucas Club: Technique Equestrian Vaulting Club Owner: Meredith StoddadPrelim PDD Rembrandt Club: Diamond Bar Vaulters Owner: Connie GeislerTrot PDD Fergalicious Club: Grass Roots Owner: Marston St. John3* / Gold / Silver / Bronze Garth ISF Club: Mile High Owner: Mile High Copper Nelad’s Angel Club: Silver Moon Vaulters Owner: Cynthia RohrerTrot Prince Club: Triangle Equestrian Owner: Andrea SelchOsierlea Mooney Club: Woodside Vaulters Owner: Krista MackHorse of The Year Garth ISF Club: Mile High Owner: Mile High