Horsemanship is an integral part of vaulting. Our horses are the most respected members of our team, and this is reflected in their care and development. A great vaulting horse is educated through trust, respect, confidence, and kindness. Click here for more information on how to develop a vaulting horse.

Photo courtesy Andrea Selch

"An equestrian vaulting horse is the most valuable member of our team. Without the horse, our sport wouldn't exist."

EVUSA Horsemanship Program

The EVUSA Horsemanship Program promotes healthy development of horse and vaulter through an educational curriculum and standards of proficiency in horsemanship. EVUSA members receive recognition through evaluations and testing, beginning with basic horse care, veterinary knowledge, and stable and equipment safety. There are guidelines to follow for each level and local and regional testing available.

Athena and Sarah MO Nationals

Sarah Whillock and Athena (photo courtesy Alex Thomas)

Lunging Criteria and Horse Judging Methodology

EVUSA educates through “Understanding the Horse Score” documents, including lunging criteria and judging methodology developed with permission from the FEI guidelines for vaulting. The horse score centers around the correct and compassionate development and education of our equine partners. Links to these documents can be found below: