President’s Award

President's Award

Nancy Stevens-Brown created the President’s Award to honor those people who have made very special contributions to the sport of equestrian vaulting. This award is not presented every year, but only when an exceptional member is to be honored.


President’s Club Outreach Awards – 2015 – Northern Lakes, A Vaulting Connection, Tambouine 

Craig Coburn – 2013 – Awarded at 2014 AVA Annual Convention in Burlingame
Craig has been actively involved in the AVA for more than 40 years. Not only an accomplished international and gold medalist vaulter, Craig is also a highly respected FEI judge. He has served as the AVA’s National Office Manager for over 10 years. Craig has been on the AVA Board of Directors, an Executive Board member and holds positions on numerous AVA committees including Technical, Ballot, Fest and International. Craig has been a member of the USEF Vaulting Technical Committee since its inception in 1986. Craig is also the Vice Chair of the USEF Vaulting High Performance Committee. In addition to these many accomplishments, Craig has been the US Chef D’Equipe for many events including the 2010 World Equestrian Games and a number of CVIO’s. He is truly deserving of the 2013 President’s Award! Congratulations, Craig!
Priscilla Faulkner – 2013 – Awarded at 2014 AVA Annual Convention in Burlingame
Priscilla Faulkner is a visionary within the AVA. In 1995, she founded the AVA’s composite Friendship Team, which continues performing nationwide to this day. Her work with the Friendship Team has contributed immensely to the promotion of equestrian vaulting across the United States. Priscilla was the founder of Falconwood Vaulting Club, as well as a long time AVA board member. She has mentored numerous vaulters, coaches, and vaulting clubs and is truly deserving of the 2013 President’s Award. Congratulations, Priscilla!.

Jan Weber – 2010 – Awarded at Nationals in Santa Barbara
Jan Weber was recognized for her extraordinary work as Deputy Discipline Director for Vaulting at the first ever USA-hosted World equestrian Games in 2010. Throughout a more than five-year period, Jan acted as USA vaulting’s visionary, strategist, organizer, liaison, and relationship builder – showing American Vaulting in its very best light.

Carol Beutler – 2009 – Awarded at Nationals in Denver

Jeannie Beattie – 2007 – Awarded at Annual Meeting in Texas
Jeannie Beattie of Lompoc, California was honored for her long time work with the AVA. She has been the coach of Lompoc Vaulters for many, many years. Her artistic talents have created the highly sought-after awards (etched glass) which other people have won. Finally it was Jeannie’s turn to win this well-deserved award.
“For recognition of her decades of continuous support and service to American Vaulting through coaching, serving on the Board of Directors and for her outstanding job as Awards Committee Chairperson.” Nancy Stevens-Brown

Joy Coburn – 2006 – Awarded at Nationals in Los Angeles
Long time AVA member and supporter Joy Coburn received the first ever President’s Award for her twenty-seven years of devotion to the AVA and the world of vaulting. She has been chairperson of the AVA Constitution and Bylaws Committee for 19 years, an AVA Board Member for 14 years, AVA General Secretary for five years, AVA Executive VP for two years and served on many committees. She was Chef d’Equipe for two international events and a judge’s clerk numerous times including for J. Ashton Moore at the World Championships in 1986. She been the “voice of the AVA” (announcer at Nationals), official AVA photographer and even managed the Nationals office. Joy’s son, past AVA men’s Gold Champion, current USEF/AVA Judge and National Office Manager, Craig Coburn bestowed Joy with a kiss and a bouquet of red, white, and blue flowers while Bill Brown presented her with a plaque etched with the fitting inscription “A Joy Shared is a Joy Doubled.”